ARSperl is an integration kit for Perl5 and Remedy ARS version 5 - version 7 API. It provides a large subset of the functionality found in the ARS C API. The source code to the integration kit and example scripts is made available under the licensing terms of Perl itself.

We hope that other ARS fans find the kit useful.


The current release is version 1.91 and has support for the AR 5.0 through 7.1 API.

Release Notes

Support OS's

The perl extension has been tested on the following OS's:

Bug Reports

Having problems? Log a report or send a message to the mailing list. Note that you must be a subscriber in order to post to the list.

Be sure to include the following information in your message:

  1. OS (operating system) version (example: RHEL 4)
  2. Perl version (output from perl -v)
  3. ARSystem version you are connecting to (example: 6.3)
  4. API version you compiled against (example: 7.0)
  5. ARSperl version (example: 1.91)
  6. A thorough description of the problem.

Mailing List

A mailing list is available for discussions of this perl extension. Archives of the mailing list are also available.



Utilities that we've written with ARSperl that are handy to have. These can be found in the examples directory of the distribution.
A script to help you track down filters, schemas etc. Good for when you try to document your system layout.
A utility for maintaining backup copies of server definitions (when run nightly as a cron job).
Add multiple users to a group.
Remove multiple users from a group.

Programmer's Guide

An online guide is available to help use the functions that this kit adds to the standard perl distribution.
Last Updated: 27 Jul 2007

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